Titos Shelter – short Documentary

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, Tito, War 92-95, Youth Employment Culture and New Generations.
In between Nenad Kovacevic, music producer, creative mastermind and crucial point in Sarajevo guides us through his country to end up in Konijc where 4,6 Billion $ was spent on a secret project.
Directed by Felix Löchel
Produced by Shotgun Audiovisual Productions
Postproduction: MadeFilm
Drawings & Animation: Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden
Retouche: Isabella Hoffmann
Olan Milll – Winter of the Electric Beach
Special thanks to:
Audio InFukntion / facebook.com/AudioInFunktion.Official
Visit Konjic / visitkonjic.com
Shotgun AV Productions / shotgunproductions.de/
Bansen / bansen.de

Posted on 8. September 2015 in Allgemein

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